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About Deviant Katie GriffinFemale/United States Group :iconcapitalia-rp: Capitalia-RP
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This is what happens when I get off track... by Tigerpowers This is what happens when I get off track... :icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 0 27 Twilight fog by Tigerpowers Twilight fog :icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 0 0 Sunrise over the water by Tigerpowers Sunrise over the water :icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 0 12 A splash of boredom by Tigerpowers A splash of boredom :icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 0 32 Vienna by Tigerpowers Vienna :icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 2 137
Vienna, Austria OC
Country Information
*Official Country Name: Austria, Republic of Austria, Republik Österreich
*Capital: Vienna
*Languages: German, Croatian, Hungarian, and Slovene.
*Government: Federal Parliamentary republic
*Current Leader: Heinz Fischer
Human Information
*Human Name: Katherina Edelstein
*Nickname[s]: Kate, Kathy, and Katie.
*Age Appearance: 18
*Gender: Female
*Birthday: July 27, 15 BC (SHE'S OLD)
About Them
*Personality: She's a chip off the old block, and acts nearly exactly like her father Roderich. She can't fight to save her life at all, but is a musical and baking prodigy. She's very proper, finding childish individuals disgusting, which explains her obvious dislike for that "demon douche Prussia". She rarely smiles and is very pale, tending to stay away from large crowds, and mainly just sit on a bench somewhere and play her violin.
Hobbies: Music, baking, reading, sewing, and cleaning.
Vices: Doesn't get along well with most, and isn't afraid to lash out about someone wi
:icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 0 710
Rome, Italy OC
Country Information
*Official Country Name: Italy
*Capital: Rome
*Languages: Italian
*Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
*Current Leader: Giorgio Napolitano
Human Information
*Human Name: Benvenuto Vargas.
*Nickname[s]: Ben, Benny.
*Age Appearance: 18.
*Gender: Male
*Birthday: April 21, 753 BC
About Them
*Personality: Rome is snide and snarky like his father. ((more later))
Hobbies: Romancing, sleeping, eating, painting, swimming in the sea, and playing soccer (futbol).
Vices: Has a sharp tongue, foul-mouthed, snarky, hates most everyone.
Virtues: Very good romancer, has his moments of kindness.
*Likes: Opera music, quiet, the sea.
*Dislikes: Optimists.
Fears: Russia.
Extras: None.
Physical Attributes
Blood Type: O
*Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 160-ish
Body: Very wiry, muscular.
*Hair: About earlobe length, fluffy like Spain's hair, a dark auburn color, trademark hair curl.
*Eyes: A dark hazel color.
Accent: Italian.
*Outfit (Military): A long sleeved beige jacke
:icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 1 4
Berlin pony by Tigerpowers Berlin pony :icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 0 2 Bern pony by Tigerpowers Bern pony :icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 0 85
My O.C.'s Bio
Country Information
*Official Country Name: Germany
*Capital: Berlin
*Languages: German
*Government: Federal parliamentary republic
*Current Leader: Christian Wulff
Human Information
*Human Name: Alexia (Ludwig has no Surname so.... Until then!)
*Nickname[s]: Alex, Lexia
*Age Appearance: 18
*Gender: Female
*Birthday: 3 October
About Them
*Personality: Alexia is Germany's devoted and stern daughter, at times she's just a younger female version of him. She has a somewhat dry sense of humor, but at rare moments she'll throw in a kind word or two in the conversation. She has a little patience when it comes to people rambling on or arguing, she hates arguements, if the arguement continues on for too ling she'll snap and her eye way twitch if she is forced to stay quiet for too long. She's very closed off from most other Capitals since she very dark and doesn't smile much, but, if you can somehow get past all that, and are persistant enough, she'll eventually open up and actually be quite ki
:icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 1 226
Germany by Tigerpowers Germany :icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 6 7 Tigerpowers by Tigerpowers Tigerpowers :icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 1 2,073
Words Can't Even Describe Ch 2
Authors Notes:
Powers: Hi, I'm Tigerpowers, or Powers for short, and this is chapter two of "Words Can't Even Describe...".
Tiger: And I'm Tigergirl7707, or Tiger! Like I said last time, we've both come up with the story and have roleplayed it for a long time. And are actually STILL roleplaying.
Powers: Yeah, it's slightly saddening… But, last chapter gave you a bit of a cliffhanger, didn't it? *does the eyebrow thing* I know you know it X3
Tiger: XD yes, and this chapter will slightly reveal Russia's one and only fear! Though it'll only REALLY show up towards the end of this story. I claim now ownership to this, it was all power's idea.
Powers: *giggles madly*
Tiger: Yeah, just be glad you have a ways to go until you have to see it…… ANYWAYS! I'm gonna try and cut this Authors Notes short since the last one went on a lot longer than I thought…
Powers: *le sigh* Thou art right…
Tiger: Aren't I always? But that aside, I don't really think there's anything import
:icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 5 77
Blue Bubbles by Tigerpowers Blue Bubbles :icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 0 61 My dragon rider character by Tigerpowers My dragon rider character :icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 2 49 Vegeta and Katia by Tigerpowers Vegeta and Katia :icontigerpowers:Tigerpowers 0 2


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Katie Griffin
United States
So I'm teenage girl who loves band, Loki, my girlfriend, and various shows and movies that I would spaz over if I ever met the actors and actresses in them.

  • Listening to: We Interrupt This Broadcast
  • Reading: Marching drill
  • Watching: Drum corp shows
  • Playing: The clarinet
  • Eating: Fruits, granola, and LOTS of sandwiches
  • Drinking: Water
It's five thirty in the morning right now on Monday and since some of you already know this I'll make is nice and short.

Starting today I will be havin bandcamp which will consist of thirteen hour practices and this will end Friday, the practices go from eight AM to nine PM. I WILL have the weekend off but then the week after that I will have eight hour practices from eight AM to four PM. Then I have the weekend off but the Tuesday after school starts back up.

All in all don't expect much to anything from me for the next few weeks.

Yours truly,


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